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Monster Evolution
Monster Evolution
Monster Evolution
Monster Evolution
Monster Evolution
Monster Evolution
Monster Evolution
Monster Evolution
Monster Evolution is an idle RPG game inspired by Pokémon where you can collect and train hundreds of Poke. In this game, your fairy world is under attack. Train your Poke, drill and command them through all battles. Pull the world back from the brink of crisis and fight your way to be the greatest Trainer.
  • People can see it taking a nap under the sun from time to time.
  • It will shock the items it sees for the first time using electricity. If a burnt berry falls, it means that the electricity is too strong.
  • The shell is not just used for protection. Its round shape and the fissures on its surface will reduce the resistance of the water so it can swim fast.
  • The flame on its tail represents its current mood. When it is happy the flame will dance. When it is angry, the flame will burn intensively.
  • Although it will try to scare its opponent by swinging the leaves, the sweet smell from the leaves will only calm everyone down.
  • The reason why the Dratiny molts repeatedly is that the life energy inside its body is expanding constantly and it can no longer hold the energy.
  • By putting away its sharp claws, it can walk silently. For some reason,it loves shiny coins.
  • When provoked, the poison of the gas will become stronger and the poison will spurt out of various parts of its body.
  • A legendary bird Poke that can control ice. It can cool the air down by just swinging its wings. For that reason, some say it will snow when Articuna flies by.
  • A legendary bird Poke that can control electricity. It usually lives in the thunder cloud. When hit by lightning, the power within it will emerge.
  • A legendary bird Poke that can control fire. Some say it will enter the lava at the entrance of a volcano after being hurt. The wounds on its body will be healed by the flames.
  • With lightning like speed inside it, this Poke's long howl will shake the air and the land like thunder.
  • With lava-like passion inside it, this Poke is considered to be born during a volcanic eruption. It can spit out flames that can burn up everything.
  • A Poke created by modifying the genetic genes. The human technology created its physical body but failed to give it a kind heart.